1.28.2 for Mac
Powerful GitHub-created text editor for programmers

Godthab is one of the largest software development communities on the Internet. Autom, an open source text editor that can be used as an IDE for programming languages ​​and can continually increase its capabilities in community support.

Atom is a code editor, such as Syntax Highlighting, Language Autoption, Autocomplete Topic, various panel usage and folders, support for snippets, and the possibility to organize your project into a powerful search tool. This is the greatest power, in any case, the regularity of its environment when it comes to installing packages that add more features. Note that it includes Get version control system for publishing Godthab platform.

It allows multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) and cross-platform use of your projects. Its customization is its best asset: during this writing, there are 2,000 packages and 600 themes. Given the level of customization of this tool and the amount of its features, we are looking at one of the best development environments we find today, it is more than lightweight compared to other options.

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