Android SDK

Android SDK

24.4.1 for Mac
Google Inc.
Android app development kit

Google offers this official Android application development kit free, including a driver, tools and resources for developing Android mobile operating systems, or for running specific desktop applications. Although this SDK is also available in the Developer Tools Pack, where IDE Eclipse is included, it can be downloaded independently.

The Android SDK is your first step in programming for this platform to have tools that bring you to Google through APIs, to control the features of both devices and to integrate all services, in addition to debugger, you can check an emulator for your PC application, and Using Java to learn the program at Android when you A huge amount of information to use.

Android is a Linux-based kernel operating system that uses a virtual machine to run the app and currently supports all common devices' features such as 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, touch screen etc. Normal on any smartphone or tablet.


For Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above and equipped with an Intel chipset.

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License Version Developer
OpenSource 24.4.1 for Mac Google Inc.


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