Code Blocks

Code Blocks

13.12 for Mac
DE for C++ that includes the MinGW compiler.

Code blocks are a great programming option for C ++. It is an open source, multiplatform integrated development environment that uses multiple compilers, including: GC (Ming / GNU GCC), MSVC +, Digital Mores, Borland C5 5.5 and Open Whatcom. The default compiler comes with this code block package of Ming.

Code Block Functions can be expanded using plugins This is a fast, personalized construction system that does not require make files and it allows you to run a multicore CPU parallel to the system with the system.

Code Block 'debugger establishes terms and conditions for the application of annoyance on source code or the data that handles the program, as well as the breakpoints for the said breakpoints. It is also possible to create user-defined visits. Another notable characteristic is customized memory dumps.

Eventually, the code block pauses open source syntax, includes "code folding" for C ++ and XML languages, and has an interface with a function to complete tabs, a class browser and source code.

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OpenSource 13.12 for Mac


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