Android Studio

Android Studio

3.4 for Mac
The new programming environment for Android

Android studio is a new IDE for Android operating system. Introduced by Google, it provides new tools for developing apps and is a good alternative to Eclipse, currently the most popular IDE

When you create a new project in the Android studio, the project structure is created by almost all the SRCs. Appear in the directory. This is a change that was made based on Graddell on a generating system that gives you more flexibility while building. Furthermore, thanks to its integrated emulation system, Android Studio lets you see changes made in your app in real time so that you can see how everything is displayed on different Android devices according to different configurations and resolutions simultaneously.

There are a number of features given by Android Studio: code-packing and tagging tools that organize yourself while implementing a large number of code, as well as manage a drag-and-drop system to remove elements around the user's interface. This new ID also has a feature in Google Cloud Messaging, sending information from the server to and from the cloud to the cloud, for example, you can send push notifications to your apps. Android Studio can help you to track applications to develop, provide you with more visual way to control the application's flow in the program.

What does Android Studio offer?
- A clear and strong development environment.
- Easy testing of functionality on different types of devices.
- Assistant and template for the commonly used programming component of Android.
- A comprehensive editor with many additional tools to make application development easier.

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