SnagIt is the solution you are looking for to capture any element on your screen.

The first difference with other prisoners is that SnagIt lets you capture a video image without configuring RGB options in the video player.

It is one of the most complete screen gunmen. You can choose 12 introductions to capture images, you can capture the full screen, one part of it, a web page (it automatically scrolling) ... and if you do not like them, you are one of yourself.

Once on your captured screen, you can use the built-in editor and apply lots of effects to it, to create, draw and write it. Of course you can add watermarks from the images. And the editor can be used with any image, it will not be captured with SnagIt.

In addition, it includes a photo organizer, so you will not miss any photos.

You can capture images as jpg, bmp, gif, thm, ... and you can use it to convert your own photo.

It is also an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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License Version Developer
Trial 4.1.3 TechSmith


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