321Soft Mac Data Recovery

321Soft Mac Data Recovery
Tonny Huang


The trial version only shows the files that it can recover; to effectively recover them you need the full version of the software.


If you have accidentally deleted an important file, pictures from a family trip that you hadn't backed up, or any other file that you didn't think you needed, don't worry, with 321Soft Data Recovery you can recover most of these files without much trouble.

This program lets you access all kinds of lost files, regardless of their format or where they were saved. Pictures, music, videos, documents, programs, and shared files are just some examples of the types of things it can recover. 

You can try to rescue files that were deleted for any reason, even if you deleted them by mistake, or due to a virus, bad performance, accidental formatting, damaged partitions, unexpected shutdowns, or even problems with the operating system.

If you deleted a file by accident, don't despair, 321Soft Data Recovery can try to recover it without much difficulty, and without changing any part of the document, program, or folder. That said, this software is more effective if you haven't overwritten the entire hard drive after deleting the file. If you have, the space taken up by the files you want to recover could be filled by other files.

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