Michael Fogleman

These days you are probably sick of all memes everywhere. All right, maybe not sick, but still a bit unusual to see through every website you're going to see. But since everyone is doing this, why not add two cents and do not make yourself? And for that, coupe on the right, there's iMeme

The program is ├╝ber-simple. In the right-hand column you will find a huge list of more than 50 templates with the most popular memes (YU NO, Bear Grylls, Chemistry Cat, Filosoraptor etc.) and on the right you will see the image and two text boxes to enter the upper and lower lines.

Once you have created your meme, you can save it to your hard drive in PNG format, or upload it directly to the eGOO or red.

IMeme Some people may feel like a useless app, but it's a pure gold mine and endless fun source that knows how to appreciate it.

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