6.11_454874 for Mac
Evernote Corporation
Information organizer that recognizes text in images

Evernote combines all the text and graphical information you work with. This application is available for Mac and Windows and allows you to spend any document on your computer or online resources and present them in a sorted and classified manner according to various criteria.

Evernote can get you a lesser one for each cut. If mixed or thumbnail view is selected, the selected cut is displayed on the right. The text from texts sent from Safari and sources from the images and sources from which Firefox is just plain text copies without images. Notes can be organized with labels and with different filters.

One of Evernote's most notable features is that it is able to recognize text in images stored, although it requires first to process pictures. The search engine finds search results in text compositions and graphics.

The information stored on Evernote is accessible from any location or device with the Internet. More so, in order to be able to use the application, it is necessary to create a free user account that lets you upload up to 40 MB of data per month, with the following restrictions: 20,000 text notes, 270 online kit, 11 photos high resolution, 40 audio cats, Etc. It indicates the time to synchronize Inert with online storage.

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