2.0.2 for Mac
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All you need in a text editor

Solution Text 2 is a text editor that specially works with code that provides support for snippets, plugins, and code building systems. Of course, articles or texts are needed to write.

In any case, where the Szimme Text 2 stands and the value of its advantages, in which you can find interesting things as multi-selective, multi-cursor and multi layout, (and much faster).

Large native support for languages ??such as Closer, Perl, JavaScript, Hascal, Erlango or Escala have become quite interesting. In addition, you can create and save macros at any moment to make the task easier for you at any given time, so there is a lot of potential for you to settle.

You are specially standing in the possibility of configuring all keyboard shortcuts.

Bright Text 2 is a very complete text editing tool that is common to ordinary users working with these features.

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