4.1.1 for Mac
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
The finally native, open-source, quintessential productivity suite is an open source, ample-production suite and free alternative to popular programs like Apple's Work and Microsoft Office. is a Word Processor (authors), a formula page (formula), a data base utility (a database), a tool for creating slideshow and another for a planned presentation. finally has a native version of Mac, why it does not need to run X11 server (now available for Mac OS X Intel).

Although does not automatically guide you to choose which type of document you like, you can access various applications from the related menu bar: text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases or drawings.

In addition, it is compatible with the main Microsoft Office file format, which you can use OpenOffice to open PPS or PPT from PowerPoint in Mac or Word document in dock format.


For Mac OS X 10.4 or later, including Leopard. If your computer's processor is PPC, click here to download an adapted version for your computer.

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License Version Developer
GNU 4.1.1 for Mac Sun Microsystems, Inc.