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Although Microsoft Office is still the most used office suite, there are some options that offer really good features and ideas that are known as a LibreOffice among those good options, open office continuity, and the best open source office suites.

Open Office Buys Open Office by OpenOffice Developers decided to continue their project in the name of Community LiboOffice. Here we are offering you a free open source option which is considered to be the new OpenOffice.

LibreOffice includes a spreadsheet creator, text version tools, presentation creators, graphic editors, formulas and a database creation tool. Microsoft offers offshore offers for a lot of money and offers them free of charge.

They are like a free Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and the rest of the Office suite. Additionally, files created with Microsoft Office may be open and edited using LibreOffice and Voices. If you do not want to waste money but you want to enjoy all the power of a good office suite, LibreOffice is what you need.

LibreOffice 5.1 is now available

It's been a time since the old office IT gravity - that, that any other suite from Microsoft is more complex and inappropriate with your docs - nothing falling under its own weight could be more than true. After the open office fluctuations, LibreOffice has become the best free option when it comes to an account for document management. The new version of 5.1 adds attractive changes and add-ons that modify these concepts.

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