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For Mac OS X 10.5 or earlier If you are a Mac OS X Tiger user (10.4), then click here to download Aurora version 3.3.5 which is compatible with your system.


14 day trial version.

Max can awaken you with a regular alarm clock similar to a zombie, but you have to turn it on.

Arora is an alarm clock for a Mac that lets you use a song or an iTunes playlist as a juke-up call. It can use a radio station or an ITV television channel.

The app can even wake up your computer - if it's already sleeping or closing and triggers it - even if you need administrator privileges.

You must set the time you want to wake up and the days of the closure of the alarm are essential. You can set up more than one

the next step is to create the program after what you did after closing the alarm for the first time. You can even do it with your Apple remote

finally, after the alarm turns off, the Aurora creates a great tool to protect you from the ticket back and if you leave the computer or turn it off, it even works.

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