Book Collector

Book Collector


The trial version only lets you write 100 books.

Book collector is a book catalog that allows you to collect your book or upgrade to date, how many books do you have

It's easy to add books to the list, such as typing an ISBN, authors and titles and clicking the search button. The application will then search the online database and give you the correct book (ISBN) or the result (author / title). To add a book, just click them and they will be permanently linked to your account. If you want you can add them yourself.

Because of all the features of the offer, the interface may seem complicated first, but after some time you can use all the buttons. You can add your rating to the personal information and books and book 'conditions just double click on each of them.

The book collector is a vital tool for many users. The program will only release a collection of both organized and accessible at a glance.

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