17.5 for Mac
Team Kodi
Media center that lets you manage and play images and sounds

It's becoming more common for your PC to be in a multimedia center that can play video and music with a nice and easy-to-use interface that comes with a beautiful browsing system to use with your TV. Codei (formerly known as XBMC) is a free, open source and multi-platform media center, which lets you play all your multimedia content.

The program can play all types of video, audio, and image files with your libraries automatically listed bonuses, so that each film or TV series can cover its own cover, duration, and other relevant information such as specific websites. IMDB or filmmarty.

The player comes with the ability to install all possible plugins that include all additional functions, from automatic subtitle downloads, additional modules for viewing YouTube videos, and even external programs or streaming services for downloading torrent files.

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License Version Developer
GNU 17.5 for Mac Team Kodi


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