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An endless music library at your disposal

Imagine that you have one of the largest music libraries to play in your regular multimedia player. Speedy is a free application that streams music through the Internet. With time, it has been advocating on its competition and now has millions of users.

Speypite is a remarkable music library feature, supported by the most important labels, you can easily explore its excellent search engine thanks. Another way to enjoy the library is by using its radio, consistently classified and date-wise, or subscribing to thousands of available playlists, created by both the official and worldwide users.

The app lets you create playlists, watch the game, loop, break, album cover art in random order and integrate it into Also, it is a streaming service, but it lets you run local files from your device.

Discover all the details about the song you are playing with Genius with Spanfix

A year ago, Genius and Spitif have signed an agreement to showcase their songs as well as showcase stories and jokes. A collaboration where we stand for the benefit of users. Although it was a peculiar symptom that was exclusive features for iOS ... until yesterday, when "behind the tracks" landed on the Android ecosystem.

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Now with precision now than the new navigation bar

When I leave home, one of my standard routines is to keep my bike helmet, grab my smartphone and drag the SPECIFIC Icon. So I was surprised when I opened it today to see a new interface. Speedy is not specifically designed for Android UI design: It's OK but it's a little annoying. But we do not have to worry more about it that it's just under a big Fitzitt: now there's a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Facebook Messenger now lets you send spoofic songs

Next we are going to complain about these applications being too heavy. Facebook Messenger has metered its movements to separate itself from internal plugins to extend its features from WhatsApp. The latest update for iOS and Android official clients has added the most interesting one to this array: Now you can embed featured songs in your Facebook chats.


Requires signing up on Free accounts do play audio ads every so often. The service is available in the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and France.

The new version includes a total design makeover, shifted towards a more modern style, with black color predominating.

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