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Opera Software ASA.
Much more than a web browser

Opera is one of the best web browsers we can use to surf the net. It offers a good bunch features and options. It works quite well and you can make it a lot personal.

This is a great web browser. It is a bit torrent client, synchronized bookmarks, speed booster, tab browsing, ...

You have to try it. It has been renewed and now it's even better. The pages load really fast and it's really safe.

Android browser comparison (March 2017)

This is again the time since it's been running for six months (six September 2013) compared to our last browser, so you probably will be looking forward to our latest half-yearly report on four popular Android browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, and Opera We have several aspects like our program: Open RAM, use applications The speed and compatibility.

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Opera server hacked! Now change your password for increased security

If you are a regular Opera browser, you may have received an email confirming last week's attack on their servers that could infect some users' personal information. More specifically, when cloud sync passwords and cloud-based browser data come in, specially, the security restrictions have spread due to the publication of Opera signature information. Basically, hackers may have access to sensitive information that could seriously affect your privacy and security.

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5 Reasons Opera is a fantastic browser

We do not get tired of suggesting Opera as one of the best desktop browsers currently available. And now, with the recent arrival of version 37 with its stable channel and exciting sum of an integrated advertising blocker, it seems like a good moment to recap all the attractions. We'll try their concentration in five points

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