3.35.1 for Mac
Tim Kosse
One of the best choices to manage files in any FTP server

FileZilla is one of the great FTP clients, all your needs to manage your multi FTP account by snatching your brain.

FileZilla offers the most common options for you to upload and download data from / from your FTP server and some advanced features.

You will be able to administer all your FTP accounts from the same program without any problems, you will be able to drag and drop, restart the cue files and even transfer

In short, if you have several FTP accounts ... and even if you have only one


For Mac OS X 10.5 or higher equipped with Intel chipset. Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)users equipped with PowerPC chipset have to download FileZilla for PPC. Mac OS X Tiger (10.4 or higher) users have to download Filezilla 3.35.1 

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License Version Developer
GNU 3.35.1 for Mac Tim Kosse


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