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Skype is the world's leading VoIP calling service. A free tool that lets you talk to other users through text chat, voice and / or video conversations.

This tool uses a peer-to-peer technology based on the well-known file exchange service, Kazak, to provide a firm and reliable call system, with the same reliability and sound quality you can expect from a phone in a landline.

It uses VOIP technology to make calls between users and their users from regular phone, mobile and landline, making them all very easy and quick to use so that you do not have to set up or configure. Its manufacturers say it also offers an audio quality that is better than a regular phone call.

It is completely free and there is no additional advertisement; you will usually hear the dialing phone noise, it will tell you that you are talking Skype at the phone you are calling, and you can pick any call and you can stop the calls you want.

Plus, it includes the option to group video with ten users using Facebook integration and their webcam; after purchasing by Microsoft it does not specify Windows Live Messaging not included in messaging.

As a multiplatform application, you can call in the device, whether you’re desktop or smartphone. Skype, quite clearly, is one of the world's leading digital VoIP telephone services.

By Alvaro Toledo

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