Vuze for Mac
Azureus Inc.
The perfect P2P client to download HD videos

The name that Vuze took to the old Azureus when it was updated to a more powerful version. It took a further step and they decided to change the name too.

Vis is a popular bit torrent client with an interview and interface interface.

It's perfect for filesharing, it makes it possible to take the most of your broadband and download heavy files in a short time.

Vuze is different from the rest of customers due to its interface due to the bit torrent. An interface that provides home videos with HD videos. The best rates, most downloads or themes for those videos you usually download can be.

Now you can download and share files using Vuze and browse videos that offer some initiatives to publish their future releases, such as videogames dames or movie trailers.

In addition, Vuze also offers the possibility to buy legitimate content


If you don't like this new style, you can access the old style from the advanced tab.For Mac OS 10.3 or higher.


Now it can convert downloaded videos to make them compatible with iPod, iPhone, XBOX 360, PS3, Apple TV or TiVo.

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Free for Mac Azureus Inc.


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