Tomato Torrent

Sarwat Khan


For Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Users of Mac OS X Panther (10.3) and Jaguar (10.2) download Tomato torrent 1.5b1.

For any reason, you do not want to use BitTorrent to download files through the Toronto project, but the torrent torrent lets you perform the same task and is built on version 4.2 of this popular program.

The difference between this and bitrateren is clear: tomato torrent is a lightweight, more compact tool that moves some functions while adding others.

The application remembers recent downloads and where they are saved through a drop-down menu. It is also possible to sow the risk of downloading it after a certain amount has been converted.

With support for Applescripts, you can set an upload rate to boil each torrent.

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License Version Developer
GNU 1.5.1 Sarwat Khan