0.3.8-5 Beta

Maralix is, without any doubt, the best option to enjoy your favorite movie, show, and anime from home - and whatever without needing to download a file. This program is a complete extension of libraries where you can look for something looking, and in the best quality.

There are many benefits at Maralix that you never have to use any other web download program or search engine. It includes a search bar where you can define your own criteria, which can filter results including movies, TV shows and animations that you like.

You can see release dates as well as both cover windows in the main window and the results list, so that you can quickly identify the movie you are looking for. Once you have selected once, you will see a summary, its length, IMDB score and a tab with subtitles in various tabs, as well as different quality settings. Choose your settings and press the game You can play a movie with a composite media player or use any other compatible program that you have installed.

The first minutes of the movie for this application does not require much time to start loading, so wait a few seconds and you can start to roll through the film track. If you can not enjoy movies, TV shows and anime, do not download any place for the benefit, but you must download Marlix.

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