aMule Project

Although we can remember it is a new application, we can say that AMule has offered an alternative for P2P filesharing users instantly.

You know, eMule has really been successful, it can be compared with napster, everyone used it ... Amule appeared and offered a choice

Amulu is based on eMule and provides a more simplified and structured interface, although the main options are virtually the same.

The first thing we should emphasize is that it does not need to be installed, so it becomes a portable application. We have a very similar interface when we run one, although we are grouped in settings and advanced options in a different way.

If you are not happy with your P2P client and you want to try something new, try it. The ambulance works nicely and promises a lot of files and top speed.

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GNU 2.2.6 aMule Project


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