Acqlite Project


For Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

Acwlite simplifies simplifying file exchange through P2P system by combining all the Limewire, Acquisition, and Cabos better under a roof.

Just like Limewire, search results are organized: music, images, videos, text or files. It also happens with songs related to the same author or album.

Acqulite to allow the integration of iTunes to automatically download the songs downloaded from your iTunes library. If you do not want to transfer files manually, you can point to a destination folder for music, movies, and pictures.

Acqlite also lets you limit the number of simultaneous downloads, number of bandwidth that programs can use, the minimum size of your search results, the presence of adult content, and the other parameters, in other parameters.

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License Version Developer
GNU 0.4.1 Acqlite Project