Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III

1.1 for Mac
MacSoft, Inc.
Explore the New World in the new release of AOE

In the era of empire 3, advanced war physics and strange visual details with the level of advance of the garager's level.

The Age of Empire III ended the rest of Amphires, where the emergence of European powers, colonization and gamers were set in place to conquer New World.Explore the New World in the new release of AOE

Now you have the power again, what you will do in your European power and decide.

In the new version you will be able to see your city and control the investment and earn money and military effects from it.1.1 for Mac

Your army is ready and you have strategies, weapons, attack tactics, ... just summarize it, its future is in your hands.


For Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher


The demo version of Age of Empires includes:
• Two complete Campaign missions – Get a taste of the single-player campaign with a pair of full scenarios, complete with story elements
• Home City – Explore how the persistent Home City feature changes the way real-time strategy is played by customizing it between missions
• Skirmish mode – Battle the way you want to as either the Spanish or the British on one of two maps: Texas or New England

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License Version Developer
Demo 1.1 for Mac MacSoft, Inc.


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