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Electronic Arts
Access Electronic Arts video games from this platform

Original digital shopping and platform downloading from an electronic arts. Basically, it's a sort of steam that you will have to install and use if you want to play any of these North American companies most important releases.

To enjoy all the latest games from EA, you have to access this platform, through which you can effortlessly buy games and download it as often as you need. You can also keep a list of friends and talk to them whenever you want - even gift games

A great thing about the core is that it lets you keep everything on the internet, so if something happens to your computer then you do not have to worry. You can always go and re-download your purchase, even when you start a saved game where you left, those files in the client are stored

Above everything, the platform comes with some free games so that you can take out your wallet even start enjoying the system. Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed ??World, and just a few headlines for the warfight you can play.

At the moment, the vapor is not as essential as the original. But if EA continues its exclusive release to its large new release platform, it is not doubtful that it will be installed on your hard drive.


Minimum system requirements: 
OS X 10.6.8
Intel Core 2 Duo processor

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