Another Castle

Another Castle


Another Castle is a original 2D platform / rugelik combo, where you are running a neutral campaign, without any kind of intentions, entering a series and enters Denzin, stole all the riches and can kill all the enemies beyond its path.

In the game you have to face a series of random dungeons that will have to hit using many accessories and weapons found at the level.

These weapons (which range from a yoyo to hitting enemies with a void to turn the glaciers into gloom) will be only a few more, which is a huge diversity in the face of any possibility that you face the potential challenge of the game.

There are a dozen enemies, moving platforms, and all sorts of trap ... you will find different barriers that will be your skill in testing.

Another Castle Platform and RPG is an excellent mix that still provides a very fun time of being under development - this is especially due to the random character of the level.

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License Version Developer
Free 0.6 Uncade


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