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FarSky is an action-adventure game in which you play a submarine explorer who wakes up under the sea, confused and unknown how he got there. In addition to your diving equipment you have to grab your own, have a knife and a hopper launcher.

You can use both knives and harpoons to kill any animal that tries to take your life. Firstly, it's just jellyfish, but it will not be long before you run sharks and other dangers.

But it's not just for climate creatures that you should keep an eye on - be careful how you explore, because if you go too far, you will break your diving suit. In that case, and as you would imagine, it's the game's top.

FarSky is an exploration game with fantastic ambiance spectacular graphic designs. Like a few moments, when you have to swim through lots of fish in the fish or look at the sunshine side of your head, then you need to breathe.

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