Penumbra Black Plague

Penumbra Black Plague

Frictional Games

Penumba: The first story of literature with the help of the Black Plug and Philip Physicist, the first person to appear in the horror story, who is involved in an amazing courage after traveling under a strange letter in Greenland.

The story begins where the previous game was left: Philip was locked in a cell after being beaten by a strange creature. In addition, he soon discovered that he was infected by rare viruses that were investigating the first game.

Philippe, although very knowledgeable, can not fight, because this timeplayer, this time, solve puzzles and escaping the enemy and trying to fight with them are more oriented, so prepare for real persecution through the scary dark aisle.

Penumbra: The best episode of Black Playag. In addition, when the game again interesting to be interesting in the last game.

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License Version Developer
Demo 1.0.1 Frictional Games


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