MovingPhotos 3D

MovingPhotos 3D


MovingPhotos 3D Mac OS X Leopard CoreAnimation technology to create a different set of images stored in a folder indicates the operating system used is a screen.


MovingPhotos 3D options panel to set the speed at which images, image size, quality can also be added to the selection, and (one or more at a time, one after the) flow.


MovingPhotos 3D Cubes created by the compilation of the most amazing ones and building-like structures where the highest point is the formation of a triangle made out of two pictures, using your photos. You can also select just one image screen can not be if you want to.


MovingPhotos 3D requires a powerful graphics processor. You can see that the quality is not so great, then, is to try to reduce the size of their image quality.

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License Version Developer
Free 1.8.1 DavidMcNerney


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