Linux Mint

Linux Mint

18.1 Serena (32-bit) for Ubuntu
Linux Mint Team
An easier, more elegant, and complete Ubuntu

Linux Mint is an operating system based on Linux distributions Ubuntu and Debian, which is easy and easy to use from both of these. It also works on Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu, Canonical Distribution software.

Once the key points to verify the requirements of Linux Mint are codecs, drivers, sources and programs that are not included in Ubuntu distance, because it was not included in the limited license for some countries, it is now available on the distribution from the beginning.

The more benefits provided by Linux Mint are explicit applications for the management of various parts of the system, such as program installation, running programs, software updates, and desktop customization.

Other points considered for complete absence of viruses or spyware, and security provided by Linux, such as Linux Mint, are given on various distributions.

This distribution is completely free and open source, and is recommended for both personal home users and work or business users.

Functions and other interface features are increasingly added to gain more exclusive experience. The appearance and appearance of the desktop, window management, desktop autocomplete and even package installer software catalogs are some of the things that make Linux Mint more than Ubuntu variants. Plus, if you are not confident enough to create or edit hard disk partitions, Linux Mint offers a tool that enables it to be installed directly from Windows. 


Cinnamon desktop version.

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OpenSource 18.1 Serena (32-bit) for Ubuntu Linux Mint Team


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