Ubuntu Customization Kit

Ubuntu Customization Kit

2.4.3 for Ubuntu
Fabrizio Balliano
Create your own customized Ubuntu CD

The Ubuntu distribution is missing some of the programs that you feel like? You can add them according to your specific needs and want to create an Ubuntu CD?

Ubuntu Customization Kit you exactly what it is, you and your favorite programs on the go from your language to your own customized Ubuntu install CD allows you to create a program that can do that.

The great thing about this program is the creation of the image of one of the Assistant CD guides you through the process that follows there is the possibility to create your CD.

Also, Ubuntu Customization Kit is the possibility to choose the desktop environment installed on your new CD, other details are available.


The program requires the Ubuntu CD for the installation. Also, you need an Ubuntu CD image in order to correctly create your own CD.

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License Version Developer
OpenSource 2.4.3 for Ubuntu Fabrizio Balliano


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