14.0rc (32-bit) for Ubuntu
Linux distribution based on Media Center

Kodi (previous XBMC) is one of the most versatile multimedia center available today. It is a media player software device  use to connect to your television. While there are a ton of different versions of the operating system, the Linux distribution, specifically to be used as a media center PC to act as a dedicated meant to run on the Kodi, can be a great option.

KodiBuntu Ubuntu-based distribution of the installation process is virtually identical to that of any other distro. You as a live CD or a DVD or USB device via the operating system image can be used as an installer. This will weigh down your desktop and thus all the hardware on your system is fully multimedia content, which is very useful that you are using a system with limited technical capacity will be dedicated to the stimulus.

Practical purposes, kodi version of its stand-alone version is almost identical to include it in all kinds of plugins to install and use all the tools included in the program lets. In other words, great ease of use, customization, such as the extension of the power and depth of the hide and completely consistent with the use of additional resources.


It's recommended that you have an Internet connection the first time you run the program so it can update automatically to the latest stable version.

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Free 14.0rc (32-bit) for Ubuntu Kodi


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