Emmabuntüs 2 (12.04 LTS)

Emmabuntüs 2 (12.04 LTS)

1.06 for Ubuntu
Collectif Emmabuntüs
A light distribution for old computers

Today, one of the most common ways people use Linux distribution with the latest software is to bring back to life the old computer. These organizations groups who otherwise would not be able to access the technology for those who want to recycle old computer assistant.

To that end, the Emmabuntus, a light Xubuntu-based distribution is made for old computers. In this way, the new technology of others, especially in the management of the distribution of Linux and free software gives you access; Without many resources, it helps organizations reuse existing resources and to promote sustainable development.

Live-DVD mode, optional offline installation, Ubuntu is available with all software (including programs like Skype and Adobe Flash), an easy-to-use interface, and multilingual support: Emmabuntüs with, you will have all the benefits of Ubuntu.

Whatever the purpose for which it was created, Emmabuntüs distribution great you have an old PC or you want to enjoy the benefits of Linux without worrying about technical issues.

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License Version Developer
Free 1.06 for Ubuntu Collectif Emmabuntüs


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