Chromixium OS

Chromixium OS

1.0 (32-bit) for Ubuntu
The fusion between ChromeOS and Ubuntu

Chromium OS is an interesting project that Chrome OS's, This system have  Chromebook laptops Google- of its lightweight operating system. Some of its contents are based on the modularity of the software related to all aspects of the simplicity of a fixed and a modified version of Ubuntu Linux- based window manager, Openbox, included.

Chromixium to carry out all kinds of daily tasks using cloud vision and flexibility in the center of it all, and Chromium / Chrome based on connected. Using this as a basis, to try to get away from this program to work with local files on the file system to create a new e-mail reader and office tools (Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Drive) encourage use.

The majority of time working with local files, there is low consumption of resources, limiting the ability of the operating system for the computer or device that is ideal. 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM or it makes devices to run perfectly with the work. ISO takes less than 1GB of memory.

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License Version Developer
GNU 1.0 (32-bit) for Ubuntu Chromixium


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