17.10 (64-bit) for Ubuntu
Canonical ltd
New and better Ubuntu version

Ubuntu oneiric ocelot new Ubuntu version for October 2011.

By default, Ubuntu 11.10 Unity interface will be available only through the continued reform of the Ubuntu desktop. This is possible thanks to the Unity 2D, graphic version of the affiliation agreement is without effect.

The Ubuntu version of GNOME 3 will appear and you will be able to install GNOME Shell from the official repositories.

Instead evolution- or Deja DUP - - a useful backup application, furthermore, a new kind of oneiric Ubuntu includes a program like Thunderbird-.

Making this lighter version of Ubuntu developers aim. PiTiVi and Synaptic leave Ubuntu for this reason, even though you will be able to install the official repository access.

LightDM session of the screen, showing what can be changed to be the one in charge.

Ubuntu 11.10 getting better and better and is still the most wanted GNU / Linux distribution is.

Now available for download Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus

It's time to update your Ubuntu distribution, especially now that the latest release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Long Term Support), code-named 2021, ie, until it is supported Xenial Xerus, its two main features: the lower corner of your screen readjusting the lateral panels , and that users snap a package that bundles the basic unit of which is already in the app inas Are able to access will be permitted to Law.

Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf (+ other flavors) now available

Canonical's Ubuntu release lockstep to adhere to the calendar, which means you have the latest version of Ubuntu (15.10) can download continues. With certain minor changes in the next version, LTS (Long Term Support) comes with only minor upgrades so in this case that we refine and update (but not radical), a popular Linux distribution to include a package of talking about the most updated its interface and software. Updates are available for the rest of the flavors.



Architecture: i386

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