Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center

5.2 for Ubuntu
Install and uninstall programs from your Ubuntu system

Ubuntu Software Center is a free application made by Canonics that allows you to manage all the programs installed on your system and install new ones.

The functionality of the USC is mostly based on its search engine. To install new programs and to uninstall others, enter its name or its certain attributes in the search window, the fastest way to do it.

Although it is navigating between another alternative category and quite a long program list, it is not nearly as comfortable as a search.

When you double-click on a program, you can see a brief description of it, license and version information, and, if available, some program shots of the program. According to the procedure, you also get the corresponding controls to install or uninstall the program.

When you want to install or uninstall multiple programs, you can see the progress of both process lists, where you can also cancel both processes.

Thus Ubuntu Software Center became a standard application to start with Ubuntu.

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License Version Developer
OpenSource 5.2 for Ubuntu Canonical


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