14.2.8352 for Ubuntu
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Share your screen and work on remote computers

TeamViewer is a remote access application that allows you to access other computers and allows you to work on it so that it is in front of you.

Since both computers, access and install TeamViewer on the user, then you can control remote computers.

This is a perfect if you do not know how to repair something on a computer or a relative who does not want you to waste time on the computer, just connect and do it yourself

It's perfect when you're at the office and you want to manage downloads at home.

If you think remote access is difficult, then you have to use the team viewer and you can change your point of view. It is very easy to use and it can save you hard-to-understand explanations and headaches.

Provide remote support to Android devices with Team Viewer

TeamViewer is the premium tool for fixing your dad pc when he goes something and suddenly finds himself in the seventh circle of the ship in his toolbar. This popular remote support service lets you create cross-platform connections with interactions with Windows, Mac, and smartphones. In other words, your parents can easily rest because now you can remotely fix his phone. Here we explain how to connect any Android remote and provide technical support through any desktop computer.


Totally free for private use.

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