Gnome Photo Frame

Gnome Photo Frame

1.3 Beta 1
Yoshizumi Endo
Place a virtual digital photo frame on your desktop

You've probably seen around those digital photo frames - they keep a frame anywhere in your home that will show a new picture every day.

The Gnome Photo Frame is an open source application for GNU / Linux that allows you to place a digital photo frame on your GNOME desktop.

It's easy to use. Select a folder containing photos to view them in frames

You can access program preferences to adjust the frequency, such as how frame frames change, frame size, and other windows.

Another interesting feature lets you use plugins to take pictures from Flickr, Picasca or Tumblr and add them to your frame.

If you want to decorate your desktop, and you want to see a lot of pictures, the perfect download for you is the Gnome Photo Frame.

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License Version Developer
OpenSource 1.3 Beta 1 Yoshizumi Endo


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