13.01.2 for Ubuntu
Edit and make your photos look better

Whenever we take a picture using our camera, sometimes we need to edit them to improve them. Reviewing and editing images for our photo libraries is usually a bit annoying and some extra help is always welcome.

Fotoxx is a simple and open open source application with which we will not be able to edit our photos, which is not our brain racks.

It is a intuitive interface that integrates all the buttons' options, so they will be much easier than ever. In fact you will only press the button for desired work and the rest of the program will work.

Image format is not a problem for Fotoxx, it supports nowadays all available formats, so we do not think your problem will be while opening and editing your photos.

Tags, photo attributes, ratings, comments, ... you will find all the options here and the photo will be saved in it, soit will be displayed in any other photo editor or viewer.

From now on, red-eye reduction, brightness and contrast combinations, stains, climates, noise reduction, and more common tasks are a matter of seconds for Foxx.

Finally, once you're all done, you can save photos of CDs, DVDs, or USB flash drives.

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OpenSource 13.01.2 for Ubuntu kornelix


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