2.8.6 for Ubuntu
The GIMP Team
A more than satifactory Photoshop substitute for GNU/Linux

Everyone is aware of Adobe Photoshop's qualities while editing graphics and photos. Unfortunately, Photoshop has not yet been able to create a look in Linux, and for example, we have to look for alternatives.

The most complete is a GIMP, its name is recommended, a comprehensive application for image editing (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

Different views, single interface

The interface is divided into different modules, which may vary, different editor controls and image elements are shown in incognito.

Support for different files

Many image formats are supported, of course, the most popular such as PPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.

Hundreds of possibilities

Offer feasibility, many, including a collection of image formats, photos recovery, caps, editing with alpha channel and a suite of other editing tools.

It's a huge number of tools, from most basic editing and image composition tools, to more complex things such as filters and effects, each with their own configuration.

Actually, this program can be used by both young and graphical professionals, since the complexity depends on the tools you use.

Also, the functionality of GIMP can be further expanded by installing plugins, which make this really powerful editor tool.

How to apply "Game Boy Effect" in your photo using jimps

While many think the free image editor is a bit embarrassing and annoying at the gym, it is certain that there is nothing to envy commercial options while implementing effects in the import and film. In this case, we're going to make it a gimp tutorial similar to the look of an old school game boy in a photo by rescaling it, limiting the color palette, and limiting the color palette.

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How to create a 3-D logo from flat images using GIMP and Blender

Creating a three-dimensional version of a logo or corporate image can be a rather complicated effort, but we are going to show you how firstly, although there are countless refined design tools, you can always turn on free software to do a project like this, we are going to learn How to make flat images using two well-known free programs -D logos can be made: GIMP and Blender.

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