Gnome Paint

Gnome Paint

Rogério Ferro do Nascimento
A simple graphics editor similar to MSPaint

GeoPaint is a common graphics design application that is operated on GNU / Linux for the same purpose which works in Microsoft Windows.

Its appearance is simple, it is very easy to display a toolbar and a palette of colors like additional elements of the editing tool.

Tools are included among other programs of this class. It is a pencil, brush, selector, yar, filler, magnifier, color selector, text tool, geometric figures, lines and curves.

The program supports all major image formats, including PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF. Anyone searching for a graphic editor that can be easy and easy to use may be useful for gnome paint.

By Alvaro Toledo

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License Version Developer
OpenSource 0.4.0 Rogério Ferro do Nascimento


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