0.12.2 for Ubuntu
Yorba Foundation


Repository: ppa: yorba / ppa

Architecture: i386

Shotwell is a GNU / Linux image editor and viewer that will help you to easily improve your photos.

The first thing you want to do is import the directory where the photo that you want to use is located. Once all of them have been uploaded to the program, you will see a gallery that includes all the images which you are just imported into.

If you click on each picture you will see a different view of it. Then, below the image, you will see different editing tools that will help you improve the image in the way the question shows.

Editing tools allow you to rotate the image, save it from crop, red-eye, and color, brightness and saturation of the image. It also includes an automated image enhancement tool that allows you to automatically touch the photo without having to know anything about how to protect photos.

So, the ideal shotgun tool that edits images frequently but does not have the advanced editing skills.

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OpenSource 0.12.2 for Ubuntu Yorba Foundation


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