4.8.2 for Ubuntu
Clarence Dang
A simple graphic editing tool for KDE

For those who are used to using high quality graphical tools such as GIMP or Creta, these applications can be completely filled; However, there are users who need a general graphic editor that requires less knowledge.

KolourPaint is a free and open source GNU / Linux that lets you easily access tools and easily edit photos.

It has different selection tools, drawing tools for polygon drawing and other geometric shapes, straight lines and curves, customizable color palettes, color pickers, fillers, paint bra, spary, brushes and pencils.

KolourPaint also has different tools for flipping or spinning, changing images and shapes. You can also find different effects to apply to our photographs as smoothing, embossing, color combinations or distortion.

In this way, it is easy to use a graphical editing tool.

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License Version Developer
OpenSource 4.8.2 for Ubuntu Clarence Dang


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