Spotify for Ubuntu
Enjoy your favorite music without having to download it

Can you imagine that you can not keep track of your favorite songs on any computer, anywhere and on the USB drive or other storage devices?

Spotify is a free program that you can do it and many more, it gives you the opportunity to listen to streaming music, without needing to download it before time. With the spectacular recognition given by the most important artists from an unprecedented music database and music scene.

One of the biggest music databases.

You can find songs with thousands of artists, where the music is organized and properly classified by albums, singles and loose songs. Find the types of songs: Pop, Rock, Electronica, Indie, House, Chile, Metal, Dance or Classical.

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, La Arreza de Van Gogh, Sonata Aktika, Bandar N 'Roses, David Guetta, El Canto del Lolo, Smashing Pampins, Gorillaz, Estpa, Franz Ferdinand, Mobi, Hans Geimmer, Sergio Dalma, The Lesson, George Michael, Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, or Andre Boccili, the Department of Musical Instruments in the Department of Spitif and various examples.

Discover the new songs you like.

Radio usage utilities are included in the program, allowing you to hear the most popular songs or songs that are similar in style to you at the moment. The program recognizes that the songs you prefer the best and that you look for songs that you might find interesting based on the likes and likes of other users.

Your MP3 songs, also in Spotify.

Another good thing about Spotify is that, once you have the option of creating your own playlist, listening to the songs you want, and for a short time everyone should look for them. You can use it to click on a CD or click on the tracks to which you save the best choice from solo artist.

As you can see, Spite provides an unprecedented service in exchange for music, of course, some short ads or, if you do not want to listen to them, the musicians have a small fee, after all, that's the source of music.

Discover all the details about the song you are playing with Genius with Spanfix

A year ago, Genius and Spitif have signed an agreement to showcase their songs as well as showcase stories and jokes. A collaboration where we stand for the benefit of users. Although it was a peculiar symptom that was exclusive features for iOS ... until yesterday, when "behind the tracks" landed on the Android ecosystem.

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Now with precision now than the new navigation bar

When I leave home, one of my standard routines is to keep my bike helmet, grab my smartphone and drag the SPECIFIC Icon. So I was surprised when I opened it today to see a new interface. Speedy is not specifically designed for Android UI design: It's OK but it's a little annoying. But we do not have to worry more about it that it's just under a big Fitzitt: now there's a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Facebook Messenger now lets you send spoofic songs

Next we are going to complain about these applications being too heavy. Facebook Messenger has got its kinetic to separate itself from internal plugins to extend its features from WhatsApp. The latest update for iOS and Android official clients has added the most interesting one to this array: Now you can embed featured songs in your Facebook chats.

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