Nero Linux

Nero Linux
The famous CD/DVD burner on GNU/Linux

Most of its existence was a prominent CD / DVD burning utility for Windows. Despite having a paid program and only available in trial versions, it has a lot of downloads in it's computer.

Now, it is found as a GNU / Linux cross reference in the name of Nero Linux, which provides its expertise and stability to this high-quality program that will work on this open-source operating system.

The most usable features of this type of application are audio cd burning, CD copy, miniDVD, DVD video, DVD copy and additional support for HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

Nero Linux offers these features, their ability to edit and configure each of them according to their preferences, such as their Windows version.

If you do not want to like a program or not, it's the best way to try your own. Nero provides a very stable trial version with a wide array of features available in Linux. Note

To start the free download you need to provide your email address to the program's download webpage.



In order to start the free download you will have to provide your email address to Nero on the program's download webpage.


Architecture: i386

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