Joachim Breitner

For those who regularly browse the Internet, RSS feeds are a great help trend. But sites that provide the articles you want to read can actually be easy to forget.

Yarssr is an RSS feed which is a little unusual. Rather than showing the full article from a blog or website based on your RSS feed, it shows the title of the article as a link that takes you to the article in question so that you can read it in a steady state.

Yarssr From a small icon located in all these system trays you can access the application's preferences from it. Here you can set certain parameters such as update frequency, the number of articles shown, the browser you want to use and of course, option to add, modify, delete or import feeds from the OPML file.

Yarssr is free and open source.

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License Version Developer
OpenSource 0.2.2 Joachim Breitner


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