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New and refurbished version of the free browser par excellence

Firefox is a web browser created by Mozilla Team and it is characterized by its consistency with all operating systems, speed, number add-on and reliability.

Although it is in an experienced web browser, every new version of Firefox is loaded with many new features and it's good news for web users.

We can say that Chrome and Opera are its competitors, and at this time Firefox has made a lot of internet offers to use it and enjoys Internet Surfing.

Tabbed Browsing, Smart Address Bar, Minimalist Interface, Application Tab, Grouped Tab, Recently Closed Tab Recovery, Synchronization of Preferences, and More.

In addition, the add-ons gallery is too big and you can find something there, so we recommend that you install this latest version of Firefox 4 and enjoy the Internet safer and better way.

Android browser comparison (March 2017)

It's been a time of six months of six months (six September 2011) compared to our last browser, so you're probably looking forward to our latest half-yearly report on four popular Android browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, and Opera there are several aspects of the comparison of our previous events: memory usage, application Opening speed and compatibility.

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The Firefox version gets out of 52 and gets rid of many plugins like Java

One of the most popular desktop browsers at the time was Internet Explorer, a project like Dark Age, where there is more to be seen on the route. Then Firefox came on the scene, and everything changed. Bits by bit share Microsoft shares of the browser market to the point being it's most commonly used option. But Google itself frustrated Google Chrome to make a reference point. So far, Firefox updates and improves, as we can see in version 52 again, such an interesting dinner and change, such as leaving Java plugin like Silver or Java. There was a change whose time came.

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Comparison of Android Browser: September 2016

This year was May when we had a comparison of our last browser for Android but in the big name browser recently given the elpad forward, now there is a good time to revisit the issues with a faceoff in four popular browser applications: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, and Opera. In particular, we are going to analyze RAM, analyze, and analyze compatibility among other statistics of interest.

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