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Google Chrome

42.0.2311.90 for Ubuntu
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Google Chrome is a free web browser with Google, its speed, balance, and security

It comes after Opera or Firefox and has entered the battle for the best web browser with a great advantage: it's a Google product.

If you do not get Ubuntu version of Google Chrome, here it is

Google chrome (finally) reducing memory and CPU drain

A few days ago, we were praising the newest edition of the latest version of Firefox, today's number 1 rival: Google Chrome version has brought 57 different new features, most of them saving a memory and the cost of the CPU is the most popular browser in the world has always had a serious problem with the system resource extraction , And although they talk about this correction for a while Although they have not been able to do this since being honest, although the version of the smartphone was optimized much more than the order 55, there was a lot of room for desktops, especially desktops. Or at least it will bring internal improvements until it gets the latest updates.

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Android Chrome 55%

One of the major problems that Google Chrome has started on Android's early start is how much this browser uses in terms of system resources. Although recently they have recently shown on the map that there has been a better improvement, the long way ahead is still ahead. Fortunately, it looks like version 55 (currently available for Devs), especially with performance on low RAM devices.

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