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AdBlock Plus

2.6.4 for Ubuntu
Adblock Plus

There are several ways to advertise on a website, which is something more intrusive and annoying than others. Many Internet users do not advertise as long as it is not very hateful. However, there are websites that give their number one priority, and it can be a real fight to see which of the real stuff.

In this case, you can use an extension for Adblock Plus, Mozilla Firefox, which lets you block any ads on websites you are visiting in real time.

It often brings a strong improvement to your browsing experience, especially ads on full pages. To block different ad areas, you can work manually with the right mouse button or download ready-made filters from the Internet.

This second method is often faster and more effective than the first, and if the adblock plus installed is the first option you will be presenting.

If you want to get rid of unauthorized web ads forever, you must use AdBlock Plus.

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