4.2.5 for Ubuntu
Pâris Quentin
Install Windows games on Linux without problem

Windows games can not be installed in Linux. This is one of the most used excuses when people try to justify not using Linux, except for inconsistency with dozens of programs in Windows to run fine.

Now we can say that this statement will not be there for most of the time, thanks to PlayNlinux for playing dozens of games made for Windows in your preferred Linux distribution.

The PlayOnLinux Linux community is a free, open source program developed for joint efforts, it is designed to run only games created for Linux in Windows. In fact, you do not need this Windows license to install various types of Linux games and programs and to use it.

The program is based on wine, which you can download separately, but in addition to many advanced configuration settings that are included for PlayOnLinux game improvements, an easy and easy to use interface improves and adapts it for all games.

Thanks to the Integrated Catalog, which game is supported by a program. Many popular games in the world of video games break a sweat in a few minutes, simply choose the game you like and play some following the instructions of the installation wizard.

What's more, sadly not your play catalog, you can try to force installation from the manual installation module.

With the help of wine and the complete installation wizard, you can install your Linux machine without having to talk about all your favorite Windows games. Note

What games can I install? You can check this list to see games that are fully compatible with PlayOnLinux.

Only those games available? You can check the list of games that are compatible with wine and use LiveInstall.

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